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Terror attack training

Learn simple skills to survive terrorist or criminal attackers and how to stay safe and save lives

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Run Hide Survive™ was COMMENDED at the 2018 UK Counter Terror Business Awards

Terror attacks - Criminal attacks - Active shooters - Hostile incidents - What is the risk facing all of us?

Why Terror attack training is so important for people and organisations today

You probably know that UK police and security services have prevented at least 15 terrorist attacks since 2013.

In 2017 the UK suffered the most Terror attacks of any EU country

There are currently 600+ investigations led by Counter Terrorism Policing and they target some 3,000 people who pose the biggest threat to the UK.

In 2017 the police and security service prevented 9 attacks and 5 attacks were successful .

A ‘SEVERE’ terror threat assessment is in place throughout the UK, which means an attack is ‘HIGHLY LIKELY’. There is an 80% chance of a Terror attack taking place EACH day.

It is only a matter of time before another attack happens.

Attackers’ weapons of choice can include

  • explosives
  • firearms
  • acid and chemicals
  • knives and edged weapons
  • vehicles.

Terror attackers or Criminal attackers will target busy locations like

  • shopping malls
  • sports stadia
  • entertainment venues
  • rail stations, airports& transport hubs
  • schools, colleges and universities
  • places of worship
  • public places

heightening the vulnerability of people who work there or who visit these places as customers.

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We'll help you plan, prepare, train and equip staff to survive terror attacks and save lives

RunHideSurvive™ training prepares people to respond and survive – whether the emergency is, e.g, an attack intended to cause carnage and chaos, a criminal assault, or a road crash in a hostile environment.

The programme blends three key elements

  • Hands-on training in a one-day practical workshop in escape and survival tactics along with advanced first aid skills
  • 40 -minute eLearning module which sees learners enter four typical terror attack scenarios
  • an Emergency grab bag containing vital kit including PPE, specialist glass breaking tools, room lockdown equipment and advanced first aid trauma kit,

RunHideSurvive™ complements advice from the National Counter-Terrorism Security Office’s ACT  ‘Action Counters Terrorism’ programme.

The distinction is that our in-depth workshop goes much further, showing you WHAT to do and HOW to survive an extreme attack.

Participants learn how to:

  • escape safely from a venue using specialist glass breaking tools
  • barricade and lockdown a room against marauding attackers
  • tactically communicate with rescuers and first-responders
  • use the specialised survival and medical equipment in the RunHideSurvive™ emergency grab bag
  • treat and control life-threatening bleeding injuries and penetrating wounds

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The Experts

The multi-disciplinary team who designed and run RunHideSurvive™ are specialist trainers from police, military, medical, counter terrorism,  event risk and safety backgrounds. They bring extensive experience in:

  • counter-terrorism
  • tactical police firearms
  • armed close protection
  • airport security
  • battlefield trauma life support
  • intensive care
  • risk & resilience
  • major event security

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