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Terror attack response
Hostile threat
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Learn how to respond and save lives in the event of a terror or criminal attack

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Run Hide Survive™ was a COMMENDED FINALIST - 2018 UK Counter Terror Awards

What is the terror threat and risk from criminality facing us today?

The terror threat level in the UK was reduced to ‘SUBSTANTIAL’  on 4 NOVEMBER 2019.

This suggests that terrorist capabilities to mount an attack have been reduced by the actions of the Police and Security Service who are currently running over 800 investigations and have disrupted 24 terrorist plots since March 2017.

A Terror attack is still ‘LIKELY’  to take place in the UK and a security stance should be maintained for Substantial threat levels and not reduced.

The threat from Domestic terrorism in the UK continues to grow, and the International terror threat is still a major issue.

Business people and others travelling abroad are at major risk from attack from terrorists and criminals.

2018 was a ‘quiet’ year for Terror attacks in the UK which lulled people and businesses into a false sense of security.

We studied and learned from previous terror attacks throughout the world and created our innovative scenario e-learning, to help you respond safely if caught up in an attack.

You have a choice of four scenarios which you can enter and learn from.

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How to safely respond to a terror attack criminal assault or hostile threat and save lives

RunHideSurvive™ responder training prepares people to respond and survive – whatever  the emergency.

It may be an attack intended to cause carnage and chaos, a criminal assault, or a road crash in a hostile environment. The programme blends three key elements –

  • Hands-on training in a half-day practical workshop in dynamic lockdown skills partnered with practical skills in controlling and stopping massive blood loss like that suffered by people injured in terror and criminal attacks.
  • 40 -minute e-Learning module allows learners to enter four typical terror attack scenarios.
  • Incident- response grab bag containing Personal protective equipment, lockdown tools and #ZeroResponder Catastrophic bleed control kit.
  • The #ZeroResponder kit is now offered as a stand-alone product for use by businesses and individuals.

RunHideSurvive™ complements advice from the National Counter-Terrorism Security Office’s ACT  ‘Action Counters Terrorism’ programme.

Our in-depth workshop goes much further, showing you WHAT to do and HOW to survive when an event unfolds.

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The Experts

The multi-disciplinary team who designed and run RunHideSurvive™ are specialist trainers from police, military, medical, counter terrorism,  event risk and safety backgrounds. They bring extensive experience in:

  • counter-terrorism
  • tactical police firearms
  • armed close protection
  • airport security
  • battlefield trauma life support
  • intensive care
  • risk & resilience
  • major event security

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