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Our RunHideSurvive ™ training prepares you to safely deal with and survive a life threatening situation like a Terror attack - Active shooter event - Criminal assault - Hostile environment emergency

Responder training with Bleed control skills - One day


The workshop covers different types of hostile threats including

  • Terror attacks
  • Criminal attack – shooting – stabbing
  • Vehicle ramming
  • Marauding attacker
  • Hostile intruders
  • Dynamic lockdown
  • Incidents and accident involving catastrophic bleeding

The classroom-based theory is matched with the practical application of escape, lockdown and bleed control skills.

Delegates completing the workshop will be more skilled and confident in their response to an incident.

The workshop can be tailored to the need of individual organisations.

We also offer 1/2 day awareness workshops tailored to client needs

This leading workshop has been designed by a multi-disciplinary team who are specialist operatives and trainers from

  • police – specialist firearms
  • military
  • counter terrorism
  • trauma medicine
  • security
  • risk and resilience
  • event safety and management

backgrounds in the UK and US.


The in depth workshop covers

  • The probable chance of a Terror attack taking place?
  • How people typically respond when faced with a high threat attack.
  • The contents of the Incident-response Emergency grab bag.
  • How to escape from places using specialist window-breaking tools (Practical application).
  • Lockdown and securing a room (Practical application).
  • Sorting casualties to enable priority treatment of those most seriously injured.
  • Use of the CABCDE premise to assess casualties suffering traumatic injury.
  • Treating catastrophic bleeding using tourniquets, wound packing gauze and emergency haemorrhage bandages.(Practical application)
  • Use of SITREP cards to communicate visually with police,first responders and rescuers
  • The common law of Self – defence.
  • Supporting colleagues in the aftermath of a traumatic incident

Bleed Control Training for #ZeroResponders - 3.5 hours

Around 40% of people suffering catastrophic blood loss will die.

It is the most preventable cause of death in people under 40 years of age.

People suffer catastrophic blood loss a result of injuries sustained in

  • Terrorist attacks
  • Criminal assaults like stabbings or shootings
  • Accidents 

A person can ‘bleed out’ and die in around 3-5 minutes of suffering an external catastrophic loss of blood.

The #ZeroResponder bleeding control training is ideal for people working in

  • Security and Law enforcement
  • Events
  • Licensed retail – Pubs & Clubs
  • Business travellers
  • Hotels 
  • Airports and Transport hubs
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • FM – Facilities management
  • Lone workers.

Our workshop equips you with the practical skills to confidently treat and save the life of a person suffering an injury involving catastrophic bleeding.

We will cover

  • Recognising an external catastrophic bleed
  • Emergency haemorrhage bandage – Proper use and application
  • Tourniquets – proper use and application sites
  • Wound packing of junctional wounds using gauze
  • Treating a penetrating stab wound
  • Different types of haemostatic agents and their use
  • Casualty aftercare – Preventing hypothermia  – MIST casualty handover information for Paramedics
  • Best tips to control bleeding if you don’t have a bleed control kit

A workshop is 3½ hours duration and caters for a MAXIMUM of 12 delegates and MINIMUM of 6 delegates and can be delivered in-house at a venue of your choice.

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