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The Training and Product

RunHideSurvive™ is a unique training  programme and product which enables people to safely respond and save lives in the event of…

  • a terror attack
  • an active shooter
  • an organised criminal attack
  • hostile intruder event
  • dynamic lockdown of a premises
  • a life-threatening emergency in a hostile environment.

The RunHideSurvive™ attack survival skills programme consists of four elements:

  • short, 40 minute preparatory e-learning module
  • in-depth, hands-on training including escape and lockdown skills using specialist window breaking tools
  • advanced first-aid kit and skills to treat catastrophic bleeding, penetrating wounds and chemical acid attack injuries.
  • emergency grab bag – containing specialist escape tools for breaking windows, lockdown kit, PPE – personal protective equipment for face and hand protection

Combined, they give participants the skills, confidence and equipment to deal with a sudden, life-threatening incident.

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Interactive  eLearning module (40 min)

  • Types of terror and criminal attacks
  • Typical venues where attacks happen
  • How the brain responds to an attack situation
  • The three human-response stages to an attack
  • The RunHideSurvive™ premise
  • Sorting and treating casualties using the CABCDE framework (Catastrophic haemorrhage, Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Disability, Exposure)
  • Acid/Alkali and Caustic substance chemical attacks
  • Interactive scenarios showing types of violent attacks:
  • Marauding weapons – Active shooter
  • Vehicle as a weapon attack / Vehicle ramming
  • Office / classroom attack
  • Improvised explosive device (IED) – suicide bomber
  • Multiple Choice Question knowledge check.

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One-day hands-on workshop

In-depth, practical training in how to…

  • escape from places using specialist window-breaking tools (supplied in grab bag)
  • lockdown and secure a room
  • control and treat life threatening catastrophic bleeding and penetrating wounds using advanced first-aid skills and kit
  • properly apply tourniquets, blood clotting agents and trauma bandages (supplied in grab bag) to save life
  • safely respond to and treat victims of a chemical attack using the ‘Remove – Remove – Remove’ premise
  • tactically communicate with police and first responders using Red and Green  SITREP (situation report cards.

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Specialist survival equipment

We provide specialist survival equipment to help you stay safe, safe lives and survive

UK-manufactured / supplied  heavy-duty grab bag or drysack containing:

  • Specialist escape tools for breaching windows
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Lockdown tools
  • Advanced first-aid kit
  • SITREP cards to communicate with police and first responders

*There are three types of RunHideSurvive™ Emergency grab bags:

  • TRAVELLER – travel safety kit folds compactly into a lone traveller’s backpack or suitcase
  • VENUE – for pre- positioning in key locations of larger venues (contains larger quantities of survival equipment)
  • SOLO – for issue to solo responders

RunHideSurvive ™ is part of the training company Salvas Ltd UK specialists in Workplace violence reduction. Its creation was part funded by the European Structural and Investment Funds Programme 2014- 2020