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Do you have a Plan2Survive?

Colin McGowan and I work with people whose job it is to prepare for the worst.
We’re both very aware there’s a pressing need among organisations that want robust, actionable plans ready to roll out in the event of a sudden, life-threatening attack or emergency.
So, we’ve been working together to develop a service that combines the expertise behind RunHideSurvive™ with that of Colin’s resilience consultancy, Foresee Associates.

It’s called Plan2Survive™

Colin and I have long been concerned at how little practical preparation is available to staff working in places that are prone to terrorist attack or criminal attack.
Places like public buildings, schools, stadia, transport hubs ,entertainment venues. The list goes on.
Yet the reality, when attackers strike, is that employees who are caught up in the deadly mayhem are potentially in a pivotal position to help others to survive.
This was seen after the Manchester Arena attack when zero- responders gave aid to the injured without access to proper life saving advanced first-aid equipment.
zero-responders apply life saving bleeding control to a badly injured woman after a terrorist bombing

Two men zero- responders apply life saving bleeding control to a badly injured woman immediately after a terrorist bombing

Workforce members have a vital role in your organisation’s incident-response plans. That is a lesson we’ve all learned from a succession of recent atrocities most notable the Manchester Arena bomb attack.

Those people will only have moments to react.
It will be down to your personnel, the zero- responders to help others escape. If escape’s ruled out, they’ll need equipment and training to improvise a lockdown refuge.
They’ll most likely have to treat catastrophic injuries and they’ll need more than a standard first-aid kit to save lives
Lives will depend on them. They need a plan. They need portable emergency equipment. And they need specific, memorable training to carry them through the heat of a crisis.
This is where Plan2Survive™ comes in.
Plan2Survive™ blends the RunHideSurvive™ training and e-learning modules with a flexible range of Foresee services. You pick the options that address the areas you want to strengthen; the aim is to complement your existing arrangements without replacing elements that work well.
Foresee is the company Colin founded in 2009 following 30 years with Strathclyde Police. It builds on his extensive experience in resilience, emergency planning, public order, firearms, planning major events, counter-terrorism, and major incident management.
Foresee’s services include resilience audits, testing of emergency plans, and emergency exercises; and training in resilience management, multi-agency incident management, situational awareness, decision-making, and crisis communications.
RunHideSurvive’s™ combination of equipment and training for workforce responders was designed by a multidisciplinary team of specialists from the fields of policing, military, counter-terrorism, pre-hospital care medicine, safety, event risk and security.
The result is a practical and effective package that was commended in the 2018  UK Counter terror awards
Emergency grab bags combined

The various types of Emergency grab bag – Traveller ,Solo and Venue and a staff responder carrying a venue bag

An integral component is the emergency grab bag. It comes in Venue, Solo and Traveller sizes.

All contain escape tools, lockdown kit, PPE and advanced first-aid gear.
Staff learn how to use the contents in our practical one-day workshop.
They trains in escape skills, lockdown skills and advanced first aid. (The first-aid input acts as a refresher for qualified first-aiders.)
An initial interactive e-learning module covers types of terror attack;how people respond in an attack; and how to survive different terrorist attack scenarios
Laptop -Mobile Phone -Tablet - Devices -showing the RunHideSurvive logo

Laptop Mobile Phone and Tablet devices showing the RunHideSurvive e-Learning programme

Plan2Survive™ offers you and your organisation a level of skill and preparedness that’s proportionate to the enormity of a sudden attack in the UK or abroad.
Sounds like a plan? Get in touch and we can go into details and discuss your needs
Mike Greville
August 2018

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