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The short Run Hide Survive™ interactive eLearning modules provide you with knowledge about types of attack and how people behave when attacked.
You'll learn vital tips about how to escape from venues, lockdown and barricade rooms and save peoples lives using bleed control kit when faced with:





In the modules you will cover

  • types of attack you might encounter
  • how your brain and body respond in attack situations
  • developing situational awareness
  • how to respond when faced with a terror attack or hostile threat
  • the contents and use of the Incident-Response grab bag / Traveller safety kit
  • lockdown and barricade of a room
  • using the CABCDE premise to treat injured people
  • responding to and treating victims of chemical attacks involving acid or caustic substances
  • common law of Self Defence applicable to life threatening attack situations
  • different types of terror attack scenarios – marauding attackers – vehicle ramming – suicide bomber – criminal attack – lone wolves


Who is this eLearning suitable for?

This eLearning course is ideal for all members of staff who might be at risk from or have to deal with a

  • Terror attack
  • Criminal attack
  • Hostile intruder
  • Dynamic lockdown situation
  • Emergency situation in a hostile environment.

It addresses different Terror attack and Criminal attack situations which can take place in :

  • crowded places like offices, schools, transport hubs, entertainment venues, bars, restaurants, streets & public places
  • when staff are working in or travelling to and from high risk hostile environments and dangerous places.

Learn at your own pace

We’ve designed the eLearning to be easily accessible so that learners can undertake their training wherever and whenever they need.

Learners can undertake their vital training, at any time, using

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Tablets ,
  • iOS and Android devices

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How long will it take to complete the course ?

The eLearning course takes about 40 minutes to complete.

A variety of Terror and Hostile intruder scenarios allow the learner to view and experience a situation as it unfolds.

They can to interact with the situation and make decisions based on their learning.

A short MCQ (Multiple choice question) knowledge check takes place to assess the knowledge retention of learners.

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Technical Information

The eLearning is SCORM compliant and can be viewed on

  • mobile devices
  • tablets and
  • PC laptops

Organisations with their own LMS – Learning Management System can load the programme onto their home systems using our licence agreement.

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Combined Training Programme

The Run Hide Survive™ eLearning provides an important upload of knowledge for all staff.

It can be combined with a practical skills training workshop to provide selected staff with the additional ‘hands on’ practice and application of :

  • an Emergency grab bag / Traveller safety drysack and contents
  • escape skills from venues under attack
  • lockdown and barricade techniques when escape is not possible
  • bleed control skills using tourniquets, trauma dressings and blood clotting agents which are crucial to a casualty’s survival in the minutes after an attack.

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